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Rules & Regulation


The real estate agency evolved from an activity performed as a part-time business venture into a respected profession in property industries. The rapid development in the property industry demands a high standard of professionalism in every sector and the estate agency profession is no exception.

The Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents is responsible for maintaining high standards of professionalism and has never and will never compromise on these standards. This revised Rules and Guidelines on Estate Agent Examination is intended to ensure such standards are maintained. These rules and guidelines should not be considered as restrictive, however it should be accepted as measures taken by the Board to develop and enhance the image of the profession further.

Eligibility For Entry

  1. Part 1: Candidates must show proof to the satisfaction of the Board that they possess not less than a Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia or its equivalent with not less than five subject passes of which at least three shall be credit level passes and at least one of the credit level passes shall be in Mathematics or Science or Accounts or Commerce.
  2. Part II : Candidates must show proof that they have passed PART I of the examination.


  1. The examinations will be held once a year.
  2. The application forms for the above examination are available at:-
    A-27-15, Level 27, Tower A
    Menara UOA Bangsar
    No. 5, Jalan Bangsar Utama 1
    59000 Kuala Lumpur
    Tel No. : 03-2288 8815/ 2288 8816 / 2288 8817
    Fax No. : 03-2288 8819

  3. The date of the examinations shall be published in at least two local newspapers.
  4. Application forms duly completed must be submitted to the Board from 2nd January till 2nd May of that particular year or as specified by the Board from time to time.
  5. The subjects for the Part I examinations are:-
    i) Principles of Accounting
    ii) Introduction to Law
    iii) Principles of Economics
    iv) Property Taxation
    v) Principles and Practice of Marketing
    vi) Building Technology I

  6. The subjects for the Part II examination are:-
    i) Land Economics
    ii) Estate Agency Law
    iii) Principles of Valuation
    iv) Laws Relating to Property
    v) Real Estate Agency Practice
    vi) Building Technology I

    A candidate may take all or at least two of the six subjects in the respective part at one sitting and be given credits for the subjects passed which shall lapse at the end of the third year.

    A pass in all the above six subjects in Part I makes the candidate eligible for Part II. Candidates must take the Part II examination not later than 5 years after passing all the subjects in Part I examination.

    A pass in all the above six subjects in Part II makes the candidates eligible for the Test of Professional Competence.

  7. Each subject consists of seven (7) or eight (8) questions and candidates will be required to answer 4 questions from the former and 5 questions from the latter. The format of all the questions will be of a subjective nature and the same comprises of theoretical and problematic questions.
  8. The candidate may answer the questions in Bahasa Malaysia or English Language.
  9. The passing mark for each subject of the examination shall be 50%.


  1. Immediately after the result of the examination has been decided by the Board, the Registrar will notify every candidate of the same.
  2. Any candidate dissatisfied with the marking of his answer papers may appeal to the Board within 1 month of notification of the results. The appeal should be submitted together with the fee of RM100.00 per subject (non refundable).

Withdrawing From The Examination

  1. Candidates withdrawing from the examination at any time but not within 4 weeks before the said examination shall forfeit 50% of their fees.
  2. Candidates withdrawing within 4 weeks of the said Examination shall forfeit 100% of their fees.
  3. Candidates absenting themselves from the whole examination shall forfeit all their fees unless they can produce Medical Certificate certifying their illness which renders themselves incapable of sitting for the examination. In these cases, the refund of the fees is at the discretion of the Board.
  4. The examination fees so paid cannot be carried forward to a subsequent examination.


  1. The fees per subject is RM50.00 and the processing fee is RM50.00.

General Instructions

  1. Candidates are to conduct themselves properly at all times since the Examination Centre is made available through the courtesy of the authorities concerned.
  2. Candidates must bring alone their identity cards or other forms of identification at all times.
  3. Candidates will be supplied with the Board’s Examination pad for their Answer Scripts.
  4. Candidates should equip themselves with:- Pen, pencils, eraser, drawing instruments and calculators (non programmable).
  5. Each candidate will be assigned an index number which will be used throughout the examination.
  6. Candidates are, at the end of each paper, permitted to remove the question papers plans or drawing from the examination room provided answers are NOT required to be written on them.
  7. Smoking is NOT permitted in the Examination Hall.
  8. Candidates should be dressed properly. Candidates wearing Shorts, T-shirts or Slippers will NOT be permitted to enter into the Examination Hall.
  9. Candidates are NOT permitted to ring the Examination Hall their hand phones.

Forms To Be Completed

  1. Each candidate must complete the attendance form (FORM PL 1) at the beginning of each paper.
  2. The candidate’s index number, NOT his name, must be written on the marking sheet (FORM PL 2) which will be issued at the beginning of each paper.
  3. The candidate’s index number must be written on the top left-hand corner of each and every answer script. Answer scripts without the candidate’s index number will NOT be taken into account in the marking.
  4. The number of the questions so answered in a subject paper must be clearly indicated in the answer script only. Where book-keeping and drawing papers are provided, both sides should be used.
  5. Except for drawings which may be in pencil, all other work must be done in ink and on one side of the answer script only. Where book-keeping and drawing papers are provided, both sides should be used.
  6. Drawings should be placed at the end of the answer script and tied together on the top left-hand corner.
  7. Care should be taken not to obliterate the question numbers when tying the answer scripts together.
  8. The marking sheet (FORM PL 2) must be completed and placed at the top and tied together with the other answer scripts.
  9. Marks will be awarded for clarity of expression, neatness and legibility.
  10. When in the examination hall candidates NOT communicate with each other in whatever manner. Candidates infringing this rule may be immediately dismissed from the examination hall and may not be permitted to re-enter.
  11. Candidates who are more than half an hour later will NOT be allowed to sit for that particular subject paper. Unless a valid reason is given, candidates are NOT permitted to leave the examination hall during the first half-hour of any paper. A candidate requiring to leave the room temporarily must be accompanied by an invigilator.
  12. Except for the articles mentioned in item 7.04 above, Act/Enactments, books, notes, blotters or brief case, etc are NOT allowed into the examination hall.


  1. The following persons shall be exempted from taking Part I and Part II of the examination. Persons who have passed the examination as contained in the 6th schedule of the Valuer, Appraisers and Estate Agents Rules. Persons who have passed any other examination as approved by the Board.


  1. These Rules and Guidelines will take effect from 1 January 1998.
  2. The candidates who have credits carried forward will be bound by the previous rules until their credit lapses.